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By Mr. Self Development

Jack was in a very important business meeting, along with his boss, his bosses’ boss, and a host of other “very important people.” 

You see, Jack is hoping to get promoted into a leadership position soon, so every opportunity in front of his superiors is crucial, as 87 percent of people believe that how you respond in meetings is directly correlated to your leadership abilities.

So, as I was saying, Jack was in an important meeting…

And without warning, Jack was called upon and asked for his thoughts concerning how the company might recover from the negative press it was receiving related to its latest acquisition.  And in an instant, Jack froze …like a “Popsicle.”  He didn’t know what to say, or how to say it, so he just fumbled around for a few seconds, until his boss interrupted with a solid answer.

For this mishap, Jack by many may be considered a “moron,” but in reality, he’s just an introvert (with a little social anxiety).

As an introvert, living in a world that celebrates extraverts as leaders, Jack is misunderstood.  You see, a good extravert would have easily been able to answer the question Jack was given; even if they didn’t have the best answer, they would have come up with something clever to fill the void of silence.

Extroverts vs. Introverts

Extroverts talk first, and think later….Introverts think first, and talk later

Extroverts are skilled at talking…Introverts are skilled at listening

Extroverts are energized by other people….Introverts are drained by other people

Extroverts talk out their thoughts….Introverts ponder their thoughts

Extroverts are easy to read….Introverts are hard to read

Extroverts are friends with everyone….Introverts are friends with a select few

Extroverts share their “business” with everyone….Introverts share their “business” with hardly anyone

Extroverts express themselves best by talking….Introverts express themselves best by writing

Extroverts enjoy casual conversation….Introverts enjoy deep conversation

Extroverts are good at multi-tasking….Introverts prefer to delve into one task at a time

Extoverts shine in group settings….Intoverts shine in one-on-one settings

Extroverts enjoy the limelight….Introverts try to avoid the limelight…

Jack’s Introversion, Good or Bad?

Although Jack’s introversion isn’t always appreciated in the business world, it should be.  The reality is Jack may not have known the best answer in that moment, but if given enough time to reflect, his introverted mind’s extreme creative powers could have delivered a solution to the problem.  His company may never know that answer, because they haven’t learned to appreciate Jack’s introversion.

The Vampire Effect

After the meeting, Jack went home early, as he was extremely exhausted.  Hanging around so many extroverted people had sucked the very life from him.  When he got home, to told his wife he needed some private time to recharge, she understood. 

[You see, Jack’s wife Susan is a very creative introverted artist.  Susan understands “introversion,” she understands that not only will “people” drain an introvert, but the process of being creative, of thinking very deeply can also drain an introvert.  Susan’s understanding of Jack’s introversion helps make their relationship work.]

Vampire Diaries

If you’ve ever had company over to your house, and when they left you felt completely and utterly drained, then you’re most likely an introvert. 

Notice to Introverts: If you’ve been involved in a “networking event,” family reunion, heated argument, or have recently created an artistic masterpiece, you may want to take some time to be alone so that you can recharge your “internal battery.”

…The introvert charges his battery privately from the inside out, while the extravert charges her battery publicly from the outside in.

Introverts are Leaders Too

Believe it or not, Tony Robbins is an introvert.  Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Julia Roberts, David Letterman, Beyoncé, Tom Hanks, Steve Martin, Barbara Walters, Diane Sawyer, Johnny Carson, Harrison Ford, Clint Eastwood and a host of fortune 500 CEO’s and world leaders are introverts.

So What Should An Introvert Do?

Because the world we live in has become an extraverted world, one that values the gregarious, it’s usually necessary for the introvert to understand this and to make the necessary adjustments (e.g. preparing something to say in advance when requisite).  It’s essential for the introvert to evolve and to learn to lean on the extroverted side of his personality (which he most certainly possess) and use his introverted skills to impress the world with his unusual ability for profound thought; hopefully this article will help the introvert who has misunderstood himself and allow him to see his strengths as an introvert, in an extroverted world. 

Hopefully this article will help the extraverts understand the introverts who they share this planet with.

Thank you for reading!

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September 11, 2012

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