The 2 Kinds of Pain

By Mr. Self Development

This article is about the pain you experience from changing your habits, or failing to change your habits.

When we talk about changing your habits, we’re talking about changing your roots.  We’re talking about changing the kinds of fruit that you produce.  Do people gather oranges from apple trees, or grapes from an oak tree.  No; every tree produces from its kind. 

Your life will produce results based on your kinds of habits.  You can’t produce a successful life, if you don’t have successful habits.  Like I often say, everybody can run, but everybody doesn’t have the habit of running everyday.  Everybody can work, but everyone’s not committed to having the habits of the best workers.

2 Kinds of Pain

There are two kinds of pain, there is the pain of discipline, and there is the pain of regret.  The pain of discipline will grant you your desires, while the pain of regret will only grant you more unfailing regret.

Which pain will you endure?

The pain of discipline lasts a matter of months, the pain of regret usually lasts a lifetime.

The Pain of Discipline

What is the pain of discipline?  The pain of discipline is the pain that you must endure to create the habits that will grant you your desires.  Only through right habits can you succeed; it is right habits alone that grant you your desires. 

Right habits come through pain.  Fortunately the pain of developing right habits is a temporary pain, but the benefits of right habits will last a lifetime.

It takes about six to nine months to form a sustainable habit.  I didn’t say three weeks, I said it takes about six to nine months, depending on what the habit is.  You may be thinking “That’s hard,” yeah, well so is a lifetime of regret.

The pain of discipline is a small pain to endure, when you consider all that it promises.  

As an example, the pain of creating the habit of working out and eating right over the next nine months is not nearly as grievous as the pain of living an unhealthy life.  The pain of discipline is a temporary pain. 

As another example, the pain of developing the habits that the most successful people in your industry possess will take time indeed, but they will serve you well for the rest of your life.

The Pain of Regret

…And then there’s the pain of regret.  The pain of woulda-coulda-shoulda, the pain of next time I’ll do it, the pain that you are forced to realize because you have not yet committed to changing your habits.  

When you don’t create the right habits, when you’re not committed, it causes regret.

Why do you have regret?  Because you know on the inside of you that you are capable of achieving more.  You’re not regretting the impossible, you’re regretting what you know you could achieve; what you should achieve. 

In Closing

Which pain will you choose?

When you’re on your deathbed, your dreams and your goals will stand by your bedside, if they have not been fulfilled, they will demand to know why.  They will insist on knowing why you chose the pain of regret over the pain of discipline.

Don’t let your dreams down, don’t disappoint your goals.  

Decide today to create the habits that will give you the life you desire, decide today to deal with the temporary pain of discipline.  If you do, you won’t have to live with the pain of regret, you will live knowing that you did your best.

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August 8, 2011

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