How I Manifested a 7 Bedroom Home When I was 24

By Mr. Self Development

This article is about how I manifested a 7 bedroom home when I was 24 years old.  This is a “practical” application of how you manifest your desires.

I also want to add some clarification on the subjects of visualization and affirmations, because there is so much confusion related to these topics; my goal is to clear up that confusion.

The Confusion

How do you manifest your intentions?

I’ve heard people say that you should visualize what you desire in great detail  (I’ve said it myself).  I’ve heard people say you need to use lots of emotions and sounds. I’ve also heard people say you shouldn’t use any emotions (getting too excited means that you don’t really believe).  I’ve heard people say that you should spend 10 minutes visualizing, I’ve heard people say that you should spend an entire day visualizing.  What really works and why?

I’m often asked the question, “How do you know if visualizing, etc. works?  Let me answer that question right now, and then I’ll briefly tell you my manifestation story.

How do you know if your Visualizations and Affirmations are Working?

Your visualizations, meditations, affirmations, and hypnotic transformations are working, if, and only if, they are motivating you to get into action.  To the degree that you are taking action is to the degree that these techniques are working for you (period).  If you have no motivation to accomplish your visualizations, then it’s just not working…

Why aren’t my Visualizations Working?

Well, there’s a couple of reasons:

Reason #1:

You don’t believe what you’re visualizing is possible, and if you don’t believe it’s possible, then you’re right.

You’re not going to be motivated to get into action to do what you believe can’t be done.

Try going after a smaller goal, one that you believe you can accomplish, create some memories of success.

Reason #2:

You don’t know that you should be getting into action.  Some of us have misunderstood the great classics like “Think and Grow Rich,” and the “The Magic of Thinking Big,” etc.  Many of us think we can sit at home and visualize a Mercedes until one shows up.  I’m here to tell you that you can think about a Mercedes until your brain turns into a “lolli-pop,” if you don’t get into action, nothing is going to happen.

People who are accomplishing a lot are doing a lot.  Work and accomplishments are very closely related.

Contrary to popular opinion, public debate, and what you may have seen on Oprah.  You can’t just visualize, meditate or think your way to success.

A Brief Real Life Example

Step 1: Desire and Passion

My wife and I were driving around town one day when we saw this beautiful home.  We went inside the home and fell in love.  It was a beautiful seven-bedroom home on a hill, it was quite dreamy.

Even though we weren’t looking for a new home, this home felt like ours; a passion to live there was born.

Step 2: Visualization

After we left the home, we couldn’t stop thinking about it; in other words, we were visualizing ourselves living in the home.  We weren’t purposely visualizing this, it was just on our minds.  We saw ourselves living there; it began to consume our imagination.

Step 3: Belief

Even though this home was considerably larger than our current home, we began to believe that we could live there.

When you really believe you can accomplish your dream, the motivation will come, and it will drive you to your destination.

Step 4: A Plan

Armed with motivation, we signed a contract on the home which gave us 45 days to get everything together.  We then put together a simple plan to get our dream home, the plan included coming up with a huge down payment, while keeping our net worth in tact (a virtual impossibility given our limited time-frame to do this) it also included selling our current home in under 30 days, in a community where homes had been sitting on the market for 12-16 months (our real estate agent said it was impossible).

Step 5: Execution of the Plan

One of my favorite quotes is by the novelist, Greg Evans, the quote goes, “I do not have superior intelligence or faultless looks.  I do not captivate a room or run a mile under six minutes.  I only succeeded because I was still working after everyone else went to sleep.”

We put together a plan and we worked the plan…

We began to sell every available asset; we stayed up late obsessing over our plan.  We did everything in our power to ensure our success: we convinced the builder to lower the down payment, we worked to keep our current home spotless, and we found a buyer for our home in three weeks.

As we worked the plan, money began to come in from unexpected places, small miracles began to happen, the stars all seemed to align…when the time came we had every dime we needed…and more.

Step 6: The Manifestation

Finally, we closed on the house and moved in…I will never forget that day…it was two months from the day we initially found the home…it seemed like a miracle…it all happened so fast…

This is how it works…and motivation is the sign that it’s may take you longer to achieve your goal depending on how much growth is needed…but if you follow this process, you will succeed.

Thank you for reading where every article expands your mind, increases your faith, and changes your life.

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July 2, 2009

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